Welcome to Burning Bush Barn!

'its just so nice to be in a real place of rest. I feel my shoulders drop in here. Thank you!'

When we are able to be generally open, our hours are 1-4pm Thursdays to Sundays. However we are sometimes closed between major events or exhibitions. If you unsure, do please check before setting out on your journey to visit us!
We also have other things taking place at the Barn from time to time so if you would like to be on our mailing list to find out what we have coming up, email us on bbbarn@gmail.com

This blog is laid out so that general information and regular events are shown on the right hand side, and special events and announcements are shown as blog posts on the left hand side. Please check both to see what we are up to!

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Ash Wednesday sunlight heralds the message

Thou takest  the pen and the lines dance
Thou takes the flute and the notes shimmer
Thou takest the brush and the colours sing.
So all things have meaning and beauty in that space beyond time where thou art.
How, then, can I hold back anything from thee.
                                                                                Dag Hammarskjold

'Marking' : An Ash Wednesday meditation

Wednesday 1st March, 2017
11am at the barn 
Led by Wendy Shaw

no need to book - just turn up.

Hospital Cloth of Kindness at the Barn.....until Sunday 26th February

Back in 2015 we were lucky enough to have Sally-Anne Lomas's 'Cloth of Kindness' at the Barn as part of our Julian of Norwich: Compassion and Creativity shewing.

This inspiring Cloth was subsequently exhibited in the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital chapel in 2016 and patients, visitors and staff were invited to sew their own messages of Kindness. These messages are now being sewn into a new Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Cloth of Kindness which will be exhibited in the Chapel this Easter as the start of a Hospital wide Stitching with Compassion Project.

The NNUH Cloth of Kindness will be on display as a work in progress in the Barn until Sunday 26th February and people are welcome to come and assist in the process of joining the patches together or to have a go at embroidering their own message of kindness onto a patch.

We will be open Thursdays - Sundays 1-4pm.

Nature's calligraphy...

Tree peony pods from outside Wendy's studio, resting on the table in the barn.

The barn continues to open 1-4pm Thursdays to Sundays. We hope you can come and enjoy the space too!

Life calling.....

This week we had a rich and nourishing breakfast and were very privileged in being able to spend time sharing the processes and work of 6 people who had brought their work to the table. 

Some of this work has generously been left in the Barn until the end of this weekend for a 'pop-up shewing' - something that has been curated together without prior arrangement and planning. 

This shows what can happen when creators are able to make work because it is a life calling and not because an exhibition is coming up. 

We invite you to come and share in this wonderful space and that which can arise when we are able to listen, watch and respond....

all cleaned up.....

Last Thursday we had a good turn out for our candlemas clean up.
Thanks for all who came and joined in. 

Thanks to everyone's the hard work the barn is now feeling fresh and ready for visitors!
We look forward to welcoming you during our normal opening hours 
Thursdays-Fridays 1-4pm

Candlemas - a time for new beginnings at the Barn

Many of you will realise that we have needed to take a rest from general opening at the barn while we have been working through the slow and careful process of working out our newly defined purpose, a shared guardianship and a renewed pattern of being here at the Barn. We give thanks for your prayers and patience while we have been doing this.


'Candlemas', a traditional Christian festival that celebrates the presentation of the young Jesus in the temple, is celebrated on Thursday February 2nd with an abundance of candles that illumine  the sanctuary and the faces with whom such an occasion is shared, whatever faith or none.
After such a while of being closed, dust has gathered and cobwebs have grown in the barn and it needs a clean. Candlemas would be a wonderful opportunity to bring in fresh light and open our doors once again. 

We are therefore planning to clear and clean the barn space during the day, (10am - 4pm ) and then enjoy the sharing of candle light, silence, and a little verse, towards the end of the afternoon as the daylight fades and the shadows fall. We invite you to join us! 

It would be helpful if you could  tell us if you are able to come either to clean or for the candlelight.
If you cannot come, we invite you to light a candle where you might be for the work of the Barn.

There will be no creative breakfast meeting on this day so please bring your own lunch and snacks. 

The barn will then remain open for general visiting
(Thursdays to Sundays 1-4pm)  from Friday 3rd February onwards. 

We hope you will be able to come and enjoy this beautiful, peaceful space in a meaningful way.