Welcome to Burning Bush Barn!

'its just so nice to be in a real place of rest. I feel my shoulders drop in here. Thank you!'

When we are able to be generally open, our hours are 1-4pm Thursdays to Sundays. However we are sometimes closed between major events or exhibitions. If you unsure, do please check before setting out on your journey to visit us!
We also have other things taking place at the Barn from time to time so if you would like to be on our mailing list to find out what we have coming up, email us on bbbarn@gmail.com

This blog is laid out so that general information and regular events are shown on the right hand side, and special events and announcements are shown as blog posts on the left hand side. Please check both to see what we are up to!

To see a film about us click here! http://youtu.be/52uGH6Z5zL0

Now on at the barn...

The lid has now been lifted off Resource Box no.2 and we are delighted with the interesting materials John has put together for us! It just goes to show that you don't need complicated or expensive materials to have fun and explore the possibilities of sculpture.
This is just one example of a piece a visitor started work on yesterday.....she has taken it away to work on at home and we look forward to seeing it again.

If you'd like to come and have a go we are open Thursdays to Sundays 1-4pm until Sunday 25th March.

Coming to the Barn soon....!

Resource Box 2 : 8th- 25th March
Following on from our first resource box, we will be opening our second one on Thursday 8th March. It comes with an invitation from local sculptor John Nicholson...

"Why not  explore, on a small scale, the shaping of space? Three dimensional space. Your hands do it all the time, curving and slicing, assembling meaning in thin air. Translate this and more into something tangible. It could represent something we might recognise. It could express a feeling - exhilaration or peace. It could just be a 3D doodle in silver paper, a mini-sculpture that gives you pleasure."

John has kindly put together a box of resources for us to explore with: wire, card, drink-can aluminium, aluminium foil, Fimo modelling 'clay' and other bits and pieces - 'Blue Peter' stuff! Bring your own too if you like. Cut stuff, shape stuff, stick stuff together and put it on a plinth. Bring your own stuff if you like and tools too. There will however be some tools int he box (PLEASE BE SAFE!)

The barn will be open from Thursdays to Sundays 1-4pm, 8th-25th March. John will be there on 8th.
There will be empty shelves to share and share your creations - or send us photos!

(All items left in the barn will be cleared away after 25th March)

Coffee and Cultivation - Saturday 10th March 10.30 - 12.30
Have you ever wanted feedback on something you have been creating but not been able to have a supportive and constructive opportunity to do this? Have you been asked for your comments on someone else's work but been unsure how to respond? On Saturday 10th March we will be offering a 'Coffee and Cultivation' session at the Barn to give the opportunity for sharing and comment. Amanda has kindly prepared a note to give us some gentle guidance to get started and she and John will help get the ball rolling..... Oh and don't worry, tea will be available too!

A contemplative meditation at the Barn this Sunday - all welcome!

This Sunday afternoon John Shaw will lead a contemplative meditation at the barn. You are welcome to come and join us too.

Breakfast with Braque.....!

Those of you who have been able to get to our Thursday morning creative breakfast sessions will know how interesting and thought provoking they can be. Those of you who have not been able to join us may have wondered......
Well last week's turned into a wonderful 'Breakfast with Braque' session! John came to breakfast with this theme and has kindly shared the discussions with us. Read on and enjoy!

Breakfast with Braque

We sat in silence, warmed with oats and other offerings, then contributed one word to each of the following statements:

Art is made to ………..

Science ……………….

Many possible pairings emerged. Art is made to … ‘enable, challenge, communicate, love, celebrate and zing!’

Science, on the other hand, ‘enquires, baffles, explores, searches, confuses, and stimulates’. In many cases the words for Art and Science could be swapped.

This was a prelude to looking at a quotation attributed to Georges Braque:

Art is made to disturb.
Science reassures.

This is another case in which words might interchange. Does art disturb you? Does science reassure? Or vice-versa? Many would begin their answer “it depends…” most reasonably so. However, forced into a final choice of two words only, many would reject the Braque assertion.

We discussed the time and context of the quote, unknown despite our efforts. Did he say this or write it? When exactly - as a young and thrusting artist or the ageing old friend of Picasso? As always the discussion went down unpredictable avenues including the shortcomings of a new housing estate in Loddon. We did however finish off where we started, back to Braque, and the final part of his quote:  “There is only one valuable thing in art: the thing you cannot explain.”


Two of Braque’s quotes, still undated, might appeal to you:

Painting is a nail to which I fasten my ideas.

 “With age, art and life become one.”


Do you agreed with what others came up with? Are you of the same mind as Braque himself? Maybe your thoughts went in other directions - do let us know if they did!

If you would like to join us for breakfast do get in touch to get added to the mailing list. We then mail out each week as to whether breakfast will be going ahead.

Barn re-opens this Thursday......come and try our Resource Box

The barn will reopen again for general visiting this Thursday 25th January.
We will then be open during our normal times of Thursday to Sundays afternoons  
1-4pm until Sunday 11th February. 
As part of this we will be offering 'Resource Box'. This will be the opportunity to try a new medium, risk free. Take something away and have a go. Let new materials lead you to new places creatively. You never know what you might find out…
Some materials require special preparation so instructions come with the materials.    
Our first Resource Box will offer willow to use. Some guidance to get you started will be left out with the materials during our January/February opening.
You are welcome to bring what you have made back to the Barn and these can be left either on the large, circular table or on the individual shelves along the wall. If you are unable to get back to the barn, you could always email us some images which we can share on the blog……
If you have a box of resources you are happy to share with others, do get in touch and let us have details so that we can plan what other ones might be offered during the year. At the end of each Resource Box period we will clear away all materials and any work created so that we can start afresh - please bear that in mind when leaving work in the barn.

An update on singing at the Barn....

Our singing in January will now start later in the month than originally advertised (12th January session is now cancelled). Clare will however also be offering a singing workshop in the spring......

Fridays 7-9pm
January 26th
February 9th 
February 23rd
March 9th
March 23rd 
There is no need to book for these - just turn up when you can. No fixed charge but donations are welcome.

Saturday workshop 10am - 3pm
March 3rd
Clare will be teaching us new songs on this day, so don't worry if you haven't been to any of our other singing sessions before.
We will provide drinks and biscuits but lunch will be on a bring and share basis. We suggest a donation of £15 to cover the day but would not wish to exclude anyone from attending for financial reasons. We will need a minimum number of people singing to make this day viable so please get in touch to book a place. 


Christmas and New Year at the Barn...

The Barn will now be closed over the Christmas and New Year period and into January.
We are likely to reopen towards the end of January and more details will be posted here in due course.
In the meantime we wish you all a very peaceful Christmas and New Year.